• User AvatarMiriam McKenzie
  • 28 Jan, 2023
  • 1 Min Read

Are your children heading back to school this week?

That’s good news isn’t it? I think even children get a bit bored with the holidays and start to get excited about getting back to see their friends, see their classroom, learn new stuff, talk about the holidays. The new school year has a bit of a fresh feel about it, which is cool.

There is a thing, though, called ‘the summer slump’. It’s when children have had a really long break away and they may slip down a level or two in the core subjects. it’s nothing to worry about as children generally pick back up from where they left off pretty quickly. But what if they don’t? Then what?

If this is the case the teacher should be onto it and getting in extra resources for time for them. If resources are stretched at school (quite probably) then getting the extra help may fall onto your shoulders and getting the extra help after school.

Of course, it all starts with their speech. Speaking correctly is a very important link when learning to read and write. Issues with speech can be very easy to fix and there are free top ten tips on my website (link below) but even better are the videos.

It’s been said that we learn much quicker watching someone and then doing it ourselves so these videos are great for both those aspects. Each video only takes up to 5 minutes, no time to get bored! Plus this is easy to squeeze into your schedule. You could even do the exercises in the car on the way to school.

Because teaching to learn (thanks Stephen Covey) is strong ethos within Say It Clearly, what you are taught as you watch and listen to the videos as well, you can put into your own speaking practice. By getting them ready for their future now so they can speak with confidence and clarity so can you.

Click on the links below to access the free resources.

Have a great week, Miriam.