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"Soft Skills"

30th Nov 2019

There was a paid content article in the New Zealand Sunday Star Times today, Sunday 1st December,  about the importance of communication for accountants. I couldn't agree more with the contents, it's vital, and not just for accountants but anyone in business to be able to communicate clearly and confidently. However, I don't agree with the term 'soft skills'. We are talking about vital human skills, these skills aren't 'soft', they're seriously important. With so many robotic and automated features taking over so many aspects of business and day to day jobs, it is paramount to have the best, most open, honest, confident, clear communication skill set you can to actually remain in business or your job. That's it.

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Are you winning?

29th Oct 2019

This year has only got two months to go. How has it been for you? Achieved your goals? Dreams? Ambitions? Did you have an outrageous goal that stills seems juuuuust out of reach? What will it take for you to WIN? As a speech coach our first strategy is all about objective setting and strategy and there is no cost so why not get in touch? You might just find the 30 minutes is all you need to get that great big tick beside your audacious goal before Christmas.

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Children need their sleep!

29th Sep 2019

Andy Wood, principal of James Hargest College, Invercargill NZ is quite right. Children should not be allowed any device to their bedroom. Sleep is fundamental to mental health and children not getting enough sleep (8-10 hours every night) are in danger of harming their frame of mind, increased anxiety and less resistance to every day issues and so can't build resilience. It might be an argument but if you love your children put this boundary in place. Starting tonght.

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