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Our speaking ability plays a large part in how we are perceived by others. Clear, confident, and persuasive speech is a vital skill in business and life.

Why should you train your voice and communication skills?

The value for businesses and individuals to complete the training in; speaking clearly, delivering presentations with ease, ensuring communication within the workplace is open and effective is entirely individualised to the values and mission of the business or individual. It can include:

  • Delivering excellent public relations across the organisation.
  • Greater confidence leading to more dynamic presentations.
  • Boosting productivity.
  • Increasing sales.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction to ensure repeat business.

Miriam provides targeted and effective training to help you or your team members overcome nerves, achieve clear, confident and persuasive speech, grab the attention of your audience and get your message heard, understood and accepted.

With Say It Clearly people achieve their goals and dreams by helping them find their voice and to use speech as a tool for them to conquer their fears and goals.

Investing in you and your team will save you time, energy and stress so you can spend more time focusing on business growth. 

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Exclusive Individual Training - 1:1 Speech and Communication Training

Are you a high achiever? Someone who wants to excel in life? Wants to achieve their goals, ambitions and dreams in their life? This training is the mastery programme for such individuals. It is exclusive, high end excellence to help you climb to the top of your ladder, within your career and your life. This is especially for CEOs, Business Owners or Managers. 

If you find some conversations challenging (that awkward conversation with the ineffective employee, dealing with personality problems, delivering bad news) OR if you need to be presenting at work but just hate public speaking OR if you want your workplace to be open and effective OR you want to be heard when you speak - whether at work or at home OR even if you have a great dream to stand up and speak publicly anywhere for any reason. 

Then Say It Clearly can help you. It all starts with your goals and then strategy before perfect practise.

Over 6 sessions you will learn techniques of speaking with clarity, credibility and authority as well as developing your voice for successful public speaking events, interviews and presentations. We will cover:

  • Strategic planning for your company or business
  • Your strengths and how to delegate your 'weak' spots
  • Delivering feedback especially to challenging personalities
  • Your styles of communication, personality and learning and how to use these to your best benefit and the benefit of your company
  • Challenges and blocks to moving forward
  • How to listen and respond effectively for win:win situations
  • Exercises for each of seven aspects of voice development in each session
  • Focus on articulation – the ability to speak clearly
  • How to control your nerves and think on the spot
  • Projecting your voice for successful presentations, credibility and authority
  • Stage presence, room set up and body language
  • 'Winning over the room'
  • A personal workbook containing an action plan that allows you to set goals 
  • The strategies and step by step exercises required to achieve your goals
  • Techniques and exercises that will help to establish specific skills
  • A private web page is created (if required) so you can watch the training videos and practice between sessions. This will remain open for a lifetime access. 
  • Achieving the goals will mean higher productivity within your company so higher rate of net profit
  • Meeting your potential to be the best in your career (and life)
  • Higher rate of success at any public speaking event
  • Clear and correct speech for any speaking situation
  • Confidence your speech is of the level required for professional communication
  • Fast, effective and fun learning
  • You have access to this training for life.

The value is priceless.


Team Training

Investing in these workshops and training are for people who want to get the best out of their staff in terms of productivity, time efficiency, and reduce the costs due to these issues. The results been a better bottom line for your business.

Effective Work Place Communication (Including Culturally Diverse Workplaces) - What’s tone got to do with it?

Effective work place communication can go awry especially in the day of emails and text speak; lack of punctuation and spelling. This training will show you ways to ensure your communication is effective and positive.

What does tone have to do with it? We carry our message with the tone of voice we use. Change in the tone of your voice can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

People who speak English as another language especially find it difficult to hear sarcasm in our tone and this can be detrimental for them understanding when we use it for humour or otherwise.

Learning Content:

  • What effective communication is, how it works and the effect it has in greater productivity within the work place
  • Understanding different styles of communication and ensuring these differences can be used in a positive way to ensure all communication is effective, including text and email
  • Dr John Gottman’s “Four Horsemen” what they are and what they have to do with effective communication
  • How to use your voice for positive communication and the difference between being judged on our actions rather than our intent including non -verbal communication and body language: how easily this can lead to mis-communication
  • English as a second language in the workplace. Techniques for communication with people who don’t speak English as their first language - if required
  • Practical techniques, skills and exercises to improve communication skills
  • Materials that include the above techniques and exercises covered during the morning



Speaking for Success

  • Learn how to use your voice for the most effective person you can be. Your voice is a powerful tool you can train to use to your advantage. For all types of public speaking, presentations and meetings.

Learning Content

  • How to use your nerves to your advantage
  • To use your voice for persuasion - crucial for sales - credibility and authority
  • Why breath control is the most important aspect of great speech making
  • The 7 aspects of voice development; the techniques and exercises to practice
  • Tricks to make public speaking a breeze 

Training resources and materials to support learning are provided in a kit with all the strategies and techniques required to become the best speaker you can be.  Online resources available to be utilised on a 'when needed' basis.



Customer Service Training - Who cares wins!

  • Customer service training for sales people, front of house and all those in organisations that have direct contact with customers or clients. Essential for front of house staff, phone sales and dealing with challenging customers. 

Learning Content -

  • Voice development
  • Body language and other non-verbal cues
  • How it all relates to customer service and sales.
  • Techniques and exercises will be taught to make the most of any work situation for confidence and positive work outcomes.  



Life's a Pitch! - Introductions - that first crucial impression.

How to introduce yourself, keep the communications flowing and  'spread the word', in formal and informal networking situations.

Learning Content

As with all presentations, the first step is deciding on the objective and even with a one or two minute introduction, this step is crucial and often overlooked.

  • Objective and strategy 
  • Preparing with a 'script'
  • Exercises to help you relax in situations you may find challenging 
  • Breathing techniques so you can get your idea out on one breath (and why it's an idea, not a sentence)
  • Resonance exercises to develop a tone of voice people want to listen to
  • Learning to read body language in context and how to apply these learned observation in any situation to your advantage
  • Role play! From start - hand shake - to finish - hand shake and all the other bits in between. 

This two hour workshop proves to be fun as well as rewarding.



Training Manual EBook

Teach yourself how to speak clearly by purchasing the ebook Say It Clearly. A comprehensive guide to the seven aspects of voice development and articulation. The format is very clearly laid out with full explanations of the techniques for clear and confident speech with plenty of exercises to keep you going.

Purchase the Say It Clearly ebook direct from Amazon for USD $11.00

Online training for those who speak English as a second language

You can start learning to speak English clearly immediately! If you speak English as another language and feel your message gets lost in translation you can develop your speech and presentation skills and learn to articulate sounds and words clearly.


Public Speaking - 8 Top Tips


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