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  • 19 Sep, 2022
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Connectivity Post Covid

Now that it seems we’re in the clear to get out and about, pick up our social life, re-engage with our associates and clients, do your communication skills feel a bit rusty or you’ve just picked up where you left off?

A week or so ago I was going to attend a business event in a small space. When I got there it was packed. As in shoulder to shoulder, I said hello to one person then turned around and left. No. Not today. It wasn’t the thought of too many people, this could be a super-spreader! It was, too many people, not enough room. My personal space bubble seems to have gotten larger, which is fine, good to know. The next event there was more room for everyone to spread out, and I was able to connect with a couple of people I hadn’t seen in a long time, yet it felt disingenuous.

It seems you can cut to the chase when communicating over devices. Way less small talk, it’s straight into the business at hand, which I realise I quite like.There’s no jostling of body language, should I sit or stand? Invite those people over or what ? Social niceties maybe.

We, as mammals, are social animals (ha ha). We do need to connect with others for good to make sure we have a sense of security and safely in the world plus for our own mental health.

If socialising (for business or pleasure) has become a challenge for you recently then join us for a free webinar on Connectivity, Well-being and Words.

Wednesday 12th October 7pm NZT. Register below.

This breathing exercise will bring a smile to your face and you may find the ha ha ha will turn into a genuine laugh. This benefits your well-being, your ability to breathe from your diaphragm and clear the back of your throat and mouth so the next words you speak will sound clearer and more confident.

Take a deep breath in slowly through your nose. Open your mouth up wide and laugh a big, loud HA, HA, HA and exhale the rest of your breath. Do this twice.

Would you like to learn how to…

Stand your ground in meetings?

Be heard around the board room?

Be looked to for advice?

Present a knock-out presentation?

Speak with confidence and clarity in any situation?

Or help with your child’s speech?

Here’s a couple of options for you:

  1. For a do-it-yourself solution check out the book options on Amazon –

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PS – You’ll find a few freebies in there too.