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  • 17 Apr, 2014
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Drama classes helped Lorde gain confidence

The Sunday Star Times reported on February 16 2014 that Lorde’s mother credits drama classes to giving her daugher Ella Yelich-O’Connor (or Lorde to just about everyone) confidence. “Drama classes definitely, absolutely and undeniable increase confidence” said Sonya Yelich.

Drama embraces all eight intelligences and not only gives children confidence but it opens up their thinking skills in all areas which is extremely beneficial for brain development.

Say It Clearly speech and drama classes includes not only learning dramatic skills but also voice development for performing. We work on poetry recital and prose and as the students get older theory behind voice development and drama.

We run classes during the school term and in the school holidays programmes that also include singing, which is run by Alice Fraser, Southland’s Entertainer of the Year (2013). We are on Facebook Speak Up Sing Out.

Contact Miriam for more information.