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“Oral language underpins all learning and all social interaction.”

- Page 7, ‘Learning Through Talk’ Ministry of Education, Learning Media, Wellington, New Zealand, 2009

How we speak is how we present ourselves to the world. Our whole life can rely on how we communicate. As children, it also lays the foundations of how we learn to read and write, yet its importance is generally overlooked and rarely taught. Investing in your child’s learning now will pay dividends in the future. Many of Miriam’s past students are now lawyers, teachers, doctors, business owners, sales people, and world travelers.

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Online Learning Programme for Schools

Say It Clearly training programmes help children to clearly articulate words, provide a good foundation for reading and spelling, and build confidence in children.

This programme runs for 40 weeks, over the school term. It is easy to follow. It has had proven success, sometimes in a very short amount of time. It is all digital so the children love to practice on their IPad, tablet, laptop or desktop.

For more information including; benefits for children, how it works, benefits for teachers, the free trial and purchasing enquiries get in touch here.

Clear Speech for Children - Online Course.

Say It Clearly’s online learning programme focuses on articulation; combining sounds into words, phrases, and sentences. The interactive activities help children correctly articulate sounds, improve how they speak and provide a fantastic building block to learn to read, write and spell with accuracy.

As speech impacts children from a young age, you as a parent, need to be aware of how much your child will benefit from clear speech. This course will give them a real 'step up' for life. To secure your child's future prospects and  self esteem, this 10 week course will help ensure their future wellbeing.

Benefits of this course:

  • Children will learn how to open their mouth’s wider when they speak so the sounds and words come out clearer (they stop mumbling).
  • They learn to speak slower so they can be easier to understand.
  • The children learn how to stand correct and breathe properly so they can speak with more ease and reduce nerves.
  • Correct tongue placement is imperative to clear speech and they will learn how to place your tongue for clear speech. It’s interesting that incorrect tongue placement is the most common element of poor speech.

Learning to articulate clearly and correctly all the sounds in English. Including...

  • Learning to say TH correctly will mean it will be easier for them to learn to spell it
  • The C, CK, G sound can be challenging so they will learn how to say this sound correctly
  • SH can be problematic as well, it can easily be confused with S which makes spelling tricky

The value for this 40+ lesson course is exceptional and will leave your child well equipped for success in the future.

Cost per child: NZD$89


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