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  • 04 Oct, 2022
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Join us for our latest FREE Webinar!

Hi there!

Too anxious to speak?

It’s an awful feeling, but we’re here to help you by giving you the tools and strategies to overcome that fear and say it clearly.

The techniques we’ll cover include:

  • Getting over “the choke” when put on the spot
  • How to speak clearly in English so you are more easily understood
  • How to relax so you can deliver that “wow” presentation or pitch
  • Developing a tone of voice so people want to listen to you
  • Modulating your voice – which is necessary to sound interesting
  • Projecting your voice out — you will be heard in every corner of the room and it adds  credibility to your voice

It seems that more and more businesses are looking for employees that know how to interact with people. Maybe it’s too much social media or being locked down for too long over Covid, but finding people with a good level of emotional intelligence is harder to find.

So, during this FREE webinar, we will also be covering conversation in general — how to strike up a conversation with a potential client or a colleague (this seems to be challenging for more people, especially since Covid) and customer service.

All strategies, techniques, tips and tricks are included in a bundle of online training courses called “3 for 1”.

3 courses for the price of 1, one-off investment of $195NZD*

  • $195 NZD Masterclass – Excellence in English
  • $59 NZD Find your Voice, Find your Words
  • $49 NZD Pitches, Presentations and Public Speaking

Plus! The 40-page personalised training manual valued at $49 NZD will also be included.

AND, if you purchase on or before October 12, we’ll throw in a 20% discount — a value of over $350 all for just $156! Giveaways and freebies will also be up for grabs during the webinar.

Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone who you think would be looking for this sort of professional and personal development.

Every successful referral receives a bottle of Central Otago wine (variety of your choice)

Carla’s employer purchased the bundle for her and this is what she had to say about the courses:

“I’ve definitely seen an improvement, it is especially noticeable during phone calls.” This is exactly what her manager was wanting, so we’ll take that as a win-win!

Here is the link to sign up. SIGN UP HERE. 

*pricing plan of $75 over three months is available but doesn’t include the 20% off