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  • 28 Sep, 2022
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Learn How To: Find Your Voice, Find Your Words

Not feeling confident enough to speak in any situation can have a real impact on your mental health and overall well-being. There’s nothing worse than feeling too frightened to speak up and have your voice heard — I’m here to help you do just that through speech training.

When we can find our voice and find the words to go with that voice to stand up for our worth, the changes in this world could be huge. Perhaps like the butterfly effect theory. One small, positive word or change in behaviour will cause the same somewhere out in the world, and on it will go. Positivity breeds positivity.

Talking with confidence

You may not perceive yourself as a leader, especially if you don’t have a leadership role per se in your work life, but we are all leaders of our own lives in one way or another. Whether you get nervous speaking to people, presenting to groups, or English is your second language, it can be hard to get your voice heard. Anxiety is also an all too familiar feeling when speaking for many. Luckily, we’ve come up with a set of skills and strategies to help you regain your confidence through language and teach you how to say it clearly for life.

Public speaking techniques

How do you even begin? In terms of speech and voice development, it starts with having the parts of your body that you need for speaking, relaxed. Shoulder rolls, relaxing your jaw, practising a smile, then frown and back to a smile; can get your face relaxed and ready for the next step which is correcting your posture. Making sure your ears are above your shoulders is the easiest way to do this. Next, it’s learning the most effective way to use the full capacity of your lungs as well as controlling the outflow of your breath.

To show you how all of these techniques work in a real-life setting, I’ve created a whole host of training programmes you can participate in to get your voice heard. Learn how to talk with confidence and get rid of any fears you have around saying it clearly.

Get in touch by booking an appointment or emailing to discuss where you are at and where you’d like to be in terms of finding your voice and your words.

Have a good week, Miriam.