• User AvatarMiriam McKenzie
  • 01 Nov, 2020
  • 1 Min Read

New Job, New Business, New Goals.

Last week in my blog I discussed what could happen if your role has been dis-established and what you can do to upskill or retrain in your own new business or a new role. If you aren’t there yet here’s what I recommend.

1. Find out what you love to do the most. Dr Gay Hendricks call this your ‘genius zone’. There are other social media giants out there claiming this phrase but as Dr Hendricks wrote his book “The Big Leap” in 2009, I’m fairly sure it’s his phrase to claim. If reading the whole book isn’t your thing print off the PDF of finding your genius zone off my website.

2. You need something extra on your CV to show you are open to learning, upskilling and retraining. Of course, I have the courses for you that not only show you are willing to learn but also the skills you will actually learn will mean you can win the job by smashing the interview. PLUS, being an amazing team worker with your fabulous communication skills.

3. Just do it. Thanks Nike, for your catch phrase. Procrastination is a killer and the longer you leave it the longer the tiny little amygdala in your brain will tell you NOT to do it. It’s a real thing and the only way to silence it is to do something. Trust me on this, putting things off for another day is one of my worst habits.

That’s it. 3 things, go do it now. If you are super stuck, book a time to call me and have a chat about what you can do next.

PS – you may be eligible for funding for your retraining, ask me how.