Clear Speech for Children


  • Qualified Speech Teacher Instructor
  • Ideal for ages 4-12
  • Short lessons to suit children
  • Language – English
  • Techniques for clear and confident speech
  • Fun & Engaging Videos
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If you would like your child to speak clearly and confidently, then this is the course for you and your family. Speaking clearly and confidently gives your child many advantages, not only for speaking purposes, but in other learning areas such as reading and writing. This course will give your child the advantage to accelerate their learning and their confidence.


Did you know…

There are 44 sounds in English and articulating any of them incorrectly can cause, not only unclear speech, but also reading and spelling difficulties? Make sure your child has the best start by ensuring they have clear speech. Each aspect of voice development and each sound is broken down in a short 3-5 minute video (with supporting written materials) to show your child exactly HOW to say the sound, the words, the sentences and then exercises to practise. It’s easy and it’s fun!


Free Sample Video – tongue placement

Tongue placement is crucial to achieving clear speech and incorrect tongue placement is often the reason for speech issues. Watch the video with your child and do the exercises with them. If you like how it works, click on the ‘purchase now’ at the top of the page.