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  • 15 Nov, 2020
  • 2 Mins Read

Public Speaking – It’s All Public Speaking

Public speaking. It’s all public speaking. Standing up in front of 400 people is what probably what springs to mind but having to pitch for funds, present to clients or collegues, meeting with your boss – are aspects of public speaking. Preparation is the first key step for any of these situations. It’s like building your house on sand, the whole lot will crumble around you if you don’t have the preparation solid.

1. Know your audience, if you don’t know and understand who your audience is those funny jokes will be met with a room of silence or even worse, fall asleep (note – this actually happened at the table I was sitting at on Friday night during a gala dinner. The speaker in question was so ill prepared one man literally nodded off). That 15 minute time slot will blow out to 40 plus and your main point will be lost. If you are pitching for funds, and the purse-string holder is the one falling asleep you can kiss good bye any money you need.

2. Practice, how to get rid of those pesky ums. Don’t let your moment in the spot light be completely derailed with 242 ums. And counting. (note- same speaker, same night but actually this has been the 3rd occasion in the last month where the ums got in the way of the content) Practice with someone who will give you honest and constructive feedback and who knows your audience as well, this will help to keep your speech on topic and on target.

3. Feedback and feedforward. Practise doesn’t make perfect, practise plus feedback does. Feedforward is suggestions for next time.

4. Find out strategies to help you not only keep the anxiety at bay but will also harness that energy for a really impactful and successful speech.

Here’s 3 ways how I can help –

1. If you are a well self-managed learner take yourself through the online course Pitches, Presentations and Public Speaking. Here is the link – Say It Clearly

2. Purchase the Training Manual to teach yourself. This comprehensive 40+page manual will give you all the techniques you need for voice development, clear, confident and eloquent speech. Link here – Say It Clearly

3. Individual or group coaching. Book a time to talk with me about what you want to do to succeed in all things Public Speaking. Click here to find a time that suits – Miriam’s Calendar