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  • 31 Mar, 2023
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Specific speech goals and the lessons needed for your child (and you if you wanted)

Setting specific goals for your child’s speech development can be incredibly helpful in identifying areas that need improvement and providing targeted lessons to address those areas. Here are some examples of specific speech goals and lessons that can help improve your child’s speech development.

  1. Articulation

Articulation refers to the ability to articulate and produce sounds correctly. Some children may struggle with articulation, resulting in speech difficulties and communication barriers.

Speech lessons for articulation can include exercises and activities that focus on tongue and mouth placement, such as tongue twisters, blowing bubbles, and lip exercises. These lessons can help children learn to produce sounds correctly and improve their overall speech clarity. The articulation chapter covers the techniques in details and offers nearly 50 fun exercises to practise so it never gets dull.

  1. Language Skills

Language skills refer to the ability to understand and use language effectively. Children with language difficulties may struggle to understand instructions, follow conversations, or express themselves.

Speech lessons for language skills can include activities that focus on vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. These lessons can help children improve their language comprehension and expression and enable them to communicate more effectively. This is where it’s super important for you to speak to your child frequently. Maintaining eye contact as you explain things, ask questions and just chat. To build language skills, this is the most important factor.

  1. Fluency

Fluency refers to the ability to speak smoothly and without interruption. Children who struggle with fluency may experience stuttering or other speech-related difficulties.

Speech lessons for fluency can include exercises and activities that focus on breathing and speaking rhythm, such as slow, deliberate speech and relaxation techniques. These lessons can help children speak more fluently and confidently. There are around 20 exercises to follow along with in the book and online course but every week you’ll find a breathing exercise on Say It Clearly’s FaceBook & Instagram page plus You Tube channel.

  1. Voice Production

Voice production refers to the ability to produce a clear and strong voice. Some children may struggle with voice production, resulting in a weak or hoarse voice.

Speech lessons for voice production can include exercises and activities that focus on breath support, vocal hygiene, and proper voice projection. These lessons can help children improve their voice quality and strength and enable them to speak with greater clarity and confidence. You’ll find these exercises in the resonance chapter in the book and online course. This is also great if you are wanting to develop a smoother sounding voice.

Whether your child is struggling with articulation, language skills, fluency, or voice production, speech lessons can help improve their speech development and overall communication abilities.

Links below for the mentioned book and online courses, which include free previews for you.