• User AvatarMiriam McKenzie
  • 16 May, 2021
  • 1 Min Read

The WHY of Finding Your Voice, Finding Your Words.

When we can find our voice and find the words to go with that voice to stand up for our worth, the changes in this world could be huge. Perhaps like the butterfly effect theory. One small, positive word or change in behaviour will cause the same somewhere out in the world and on it will go. Positivity breeds positivity.

You may not perceive yourself as a leader, especially if you don’t have a leadership role per se at work but we are all leaders of our own lives and also our homes. The late Celia Lashlie says it is on us, as woman, to set the tone of our life and our homes. It’s what we accept what goes in our homes and in our lives. If you are an ‘average’ middle of the road woman (as I am) what changes can you make for yourself to make your world better? Thereby making others’ worlds better.

Making your claim on your worth, knowing what it looks like and standing up for you can shift the dynamics of preconceived notions of how a woman should look and sound, prejudice, sexism, and abuse (physical, emotional and psychological) to make our place better. Let’s start in our own backyard, our very own life and home to shift that dynamic.

How do you even begin? In term of speech and voice development it starts with having the parts of your body that you need for speaking, relaxed. Shoulder rolls, relaxing your jaw, practising a smile, then frown and back to a smile; can get your face relaxed and ready for the next step which is correcting your posture. Make sure your ears are above your shoulders is the easiest way to do this. Next, it’s learning the most effective way to use the full capacity of your lungs as well as controlling the outflow of your breath. Showing you how to do this requires too many words so go on to my teaching website www.sayitclearly.thinkific.com and have a look at the free video.

Or you could get in touch by booking an appointment or emailing to discuss where you are and where you’d like to be in terms of finding your voice and your words.

Have a good week, Miriam.