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  • 17 Nov, 2022
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Tone: The tone of our voice and our words have a huge impact on how we are received.

The tone of your voice is essentially how you sound. The tone of your words depends on where you place emphasis or where you pause, if you inflect your voice anywhere in the sentence. Quite a lot of factors actually.

Learning how to develop the tone of your voice is implemented it in all my training, whether it’s face-to-face or in the videoed training because, for so many aspects of our life, it’s really important.

Not only to understand what tone is, and the purpose of our tone of voice but also how to use the correct tone effectively. Sarcasm, irony, contempt, excitement, shyness, boredom, irritation, tiredness…the list is really long as to what we carry in our tone of voice. Jordan Belfort, Wolf of Wall St, said we need 10 tonalities for successful sales – not just knowing the 10 tones but when to employ them. 

One tone is the ‘I care’ tone. Jacinda Ardern has this tone down in spades. So did Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for that matter. Another tone is the ‘this is so exciting’ tone! This is the tone you use when you’ve got an amazing deal that simply can’t be missed!

Remember Jordan Belfort went to jail for scamming people out of their money by selling stocks in companies that didn’t exist? When he came out of jail he was determined to use his ‘straight line selling’ method for good. He’s written books, spoken at events and taught people this method for people to make honest sales.

In general work places when there’s a bit of stress around, we can easily let contempt climb into our voice, facial expressions and body language. Contempt is one of the worst communication blocks because it implies a complete lack of respect for the person being spoken to. Sighing, eye-rolling, tsking sounds, and lip sneers are all contemptuous signs and have no place in an effective workplace.

When it’s like listening to a great song through the cheapest speakers money can buy.

If you listen to your favourite song through really cheap and nasty speakers, that is poor tone and it’s incredibly difficult to listen to.

The sound of your voice can literally make or break a date, for example. And you may not get that job if the boss cannot stand the sound of your voice. Marilyn Monroe had a breathy tone, and Margaret Thatcher had a harsh tone, until she got speech lessons.

If you want to hear a voice with a really thin, whiny tone click on this link. Ryan’s Toy Review. It will take you to this YouTube channel where Ryan gets to play with toys and then his parents post the videos on YouTube. Forbes magazine has Ryan as the top earner for 7-year-olds at $31.7 million USD for this year. Not joking. So, does it matter if the mother has one of the most annoying voices in the world? Yes. There is no excuse for sounding that like, you can do something about it.

Download the free e-book and get into the very quick and easy lessons and you’ll have a voice like a radio star in no time.

Try this:

Breathe in through your nose and breathe out saying the OO sound quietly, until all the air is out of your lungs. Repeat the exercise but make the EE sound loud.