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  • 24 Mar, 2024
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5 Top Tips for Clear Speech & Communication

Things are toughing up out there, unemployment is on the rise, businesses are looking to save on costs. Things aren’t as easy as they have been in the past. This means you need to be at the top of your game in terms of how you speak and how you communicate. 


#1 Clear speech means you are easy to understand when you speak, people seek you out to ask questions and get explanations from, you are an asset in any company. To brush up on your speaking ability I’d recommend the online course Masterclass- Excellence in English, whether English is your first language, or one of many that you speak. This course covers everything to do with speaking English clearly. It 100% guarantees you will be speaking clearly and with more confidence once completed. Even before completion, actually, so just make a start.


#2 A good communicator has similar results, they can get their point across without offending others, they are listened to and respected. Again, an asset in any company. If you think you may need a wee bit of advice around having either the courage to speak up or the consideration to turn things down a bit, the manual Find Your Voice, Find Your Words, has everything you need to make sure you are communicating effectively, especially in the workplace.


#3 If you are a bit shy and don’t really want to speak in front of others, or make your point in a meeting discussion, so you are inclined to speak quietly, one excellent tip is to open your mouth up a fraction wider than you usually would. This has multiple benefits – you automatically speak up, sounds and words come out more clearly, and it slows your speech down. One major problem many people have is speaking too quickly so this technique is brilliant for slowing down the rate at which you speak.


#4 Learning to not only breathe so you are using the full capacity of your lungs but also how to control the outflow of your breath so you can get all your words out in one breath. This brings authority to your voice and you are less likely to be interrupted as you are speaking. 


#5 Learn the techniques you need for clear speech and good communicating, then practise, practise, practise. The more you practise the more ingrained into your everyday life your new and improved skills are going to be, so they become more natural for you. Plus, learning and practising while you are calm means the more likely you are to be able to recall these techniques that are needed when things are stressful. 


Keeping yourself up skilled in any work environment is becoming increasingly important, there are free resources at www.sayitclearly.co.nz, videoed online courses you can complete or if you prefer to read and do, then head over to Amazon to find the 2 (very soon to be 3 but the big launch didn’t happen on the 20th unfortunately) books to guide you through every aspect of voice development and communication.


Have a great week, Miriam. 


PS – that 3rd book is coming very soon! In paperback as well.

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