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  • 02 Dec, 2023
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Gifts & Giveaways

Gifts and Giveaways

With this newsletter I endeavour to give you information around speech and communication, plus weekly tips and techniques.

This month I also like to give stuff away and post off gifts. In the past I put something on Facebook along the lines of ‘like, comment and go into the draw to win….’ but this year I’ve decided to pick from my clients. Everyone who has purchased an online programme or had individual, small group training and workshops is automatically entered and using that random cell generator, once a week someone will win flowers, wine, supermarket gift vouchers or even their money back from their training. 

This week’s free gift is ….a $50 gift card from New World.


 Buy yourself a Christmas present


Even though this time of year can bring its stresses, it’s also a good time to reach whatever goals you may have set for yourself this year. The most popular Say It Clearly programme is the ‘3 for 1’ bundle, simply because it covers all the bases of whatever you are wanting to achieve. At $195NZD you save around $100 by purchasing the bundle.

Want your voice to sound better? You’ll find the chapters and lessons in Pitches, Presentations and Public Speaking.

Want to speak with authority to lead a team effectively?  You’ll find the chapters and lessons for those techniques in Find Your Voice, Find Your Words.

Do people struggle to understand what you are saying and ask you to repeat yourself frequently? You’ll find everything you need in the Masterclass – Excellence in English. 

Go to the course –  3 for 1 Bundle and have a look at the lessons. If you want some help and advice on what to focus on first, fill in the Voice Form (recording yourself) and you will receive personalised help, free. 


2024 is bringing some changes to Say It Clearly. First off is a new course and then the rest is ‘watch this space’.

Have a great week, Miriam.

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