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  • 26 Jan, 2024
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Wahoo! It’s back to school week

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As children head back to school over the next week or two, be mindful they may have suffered from the ‘summer slump’. This is when it appears children have regressed with their learning.

This is what happens if they haven’t done even 5 minutes of reading, writing, maths or speech practise over the long summer break, they do have to spend the first few weeks getting back into the habit of learning. Don’t worry! They will pick up where they left off once they get back into the swing of things but you can prevent this from happening so they can actually ‘hit the ground running’ when they do start. 

To stop this from happening again, try online learning because, while it is screen time, it is for educational purposes and children are more likely to think they are getting a fun screen treat. You can do this for all areas of learning, including speech, of course.

Speech coaching online is one of the best ways to learn actually, because the child can see clearly exactly what their mouth and tongue are doing so they can copy it the correct way. 

Facing challenges with your child’s speech?

Parents may face various challenges related to their child’s speech development. Here are ten common challenges:

  • Late Speech Development:
    • Some children may exhibit delayed speech development, causing concern for parents who compare their child’s progress with typical milestones.
  • Articulation Issues:
    • Articulation challenges involve difficulties in pronouncing certain sounds or words, leading to potential communication barriers.
  • Language Disorders:
    • Children may experience language disorders that affect their ability to comprehend and use words effectively, making communication challenging.
  • Stuttering:
    • Stuttering is a speech disorder characterized by disruptions in the normal flow of speech, often marked by repeated sounds, syllables, or words.
  • Voice Disorders:
    • Some children may face challenges related to their voice, such as pitch, volume, or quality issues, impacting effective communication.
  • Auditory Processing Disorders:
    • These disorders affect the way the brain interprets auditory information, potentially hindering a child’s ability to understand and respond to spoken language.
  • Expressive Language Delays:
    • Children with expressive language delays may struggle to convey their thoughts, emotions, and ideas appropriately, impacting their social interactions.
  • Receptive Language Delays:
    • Receptive language challenges involve difficulties in understanding and processing spoken language, which can affect a child’s ability to follow instructions.
  • Social Communication Challenges:
    • Some children may face difficulties in using language effectively in social situations, impacting their ability to engage with peers and adults.
  • Lack of Parental Awareness:
    • Parents may not always be aware of the signs of speech and language challenges, leading to delayed intervention and support for their child.

It’s essential for parents facing these challenges to seek guidance from speech-language therapist, paediatrician, speech teachers, and other professionals who can assess their child’s specific needs and provide appropriate interventions. 

Early identification and intervention can significantly improve outcomes for children facing speech and language difficulties. If you do have worries about your child’s speech, if they may have delays or difficulties you can try this online assessment (free). It’s very simple, just get your child answer the questions that you read out to them. The questions are formulated so I can hear every sound in English and I will then be able to put together a personalised programme for the Clear Speech for Children course. Click on the button below to start.

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Have a GREAT week, Miriam.


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